Your anguish and my pain

ImageMy favourite singer Jorge Maciel is most certainly a dangerous kind of drug, a drug that should be consumed with moderation. His bittersweet, dramatic voice is exceptionally enchanting, but should maybe be heard late at night, after you have had one too many. Most tango fans probably know him as a singer in Osvaldo Pugliese’s orchestra, but today I present you a very sensible kind of song that he performed together with Alfredo Gobbi. Neither Maciel nor Gobbi are probably the most popular/accessible tango figures out there, but I think this combination of lyrics and singing is so powerful that you just need to see for yourself and try it out. However, do so at your own risk! (and remember that this song isn’t really useful for dancing…)

There is also a version by Gobbi with another singer (Tito Landó) and a version by Osvaldo Pugliese with Abel Cordoba.

I don’t add an .mp3 in this case because you can find it on YT:

Your anguish and my pain (Alfredo Gobbi, lyrics by Julio Camilloni)

How could I ask your rose garden
to stop giving you roses?
Who could, please, put
that melodious bird to silence?
How should I entreat that fountain
to stop telling you things?

That would mean urging my heart
to give up for dead this passion
that bursts into flames with every heartbeat.

No… I just can’t obey your request.
No…. how could I possibly forget you?
Who?… wants to remove you from my life?
On our parting, something strange was visible to me…

Today, through your lit-up window
I saw you crying, unable to sleep.
And my poor shadow, deeply in love,
cried over your anguish and my pain.

Original lyrics, source (completely the same as in the song):

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