Forgotten things (Cosas olvidadas)

roberto rufinoEven after having heard many of his songs a hundred of thousand times I am still completely amazed by Carlos di Sarli. His elegant, emotional music and I shall be passionate partners till death do us part. There are many different Di Sarlis and I had to choose one, so let us listen to a bit of Di Sarli-Rufino.

Forgotten things (Cosas olvidadas)

After a long, long time
only now I talk to you again.
What a sensation I get from listening to you,
like as if it were back then!
You see…. I am much older now,
and you too, than in those days when
you loved me so much… so much,
and now nothing remains, everything is gone.

These are forgotten things,
these old love affairs,
and when recalling better times
our glance becomes clouded.
These are forgotten things,
that return faded and
in the solitude of our lives,
open wounds to the heart.

(There is an accent of sorrow
and melancholy in your voice
and in that plea for help my soul
does its best not to cry.
It’s just that we have done ourselves harm
by reviving those dead times
and the heart opened its gates
for the gloom of remembering.)

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