I just stood there, staring at her (Me quedé mirándola) [Troilo]

alberto marino

During the last few months the Troilo-Marino combination has slowly conquered a major amount of territory in my heart. I do not know why, but I guess I had to acquire a certain taste and maturity for this particular music first. I began to study the immensely strong lyrics of these songs and that way I have also become a much bigger fan of Aníbal Troilo in general, at the expense of other orchestras I used to prefer over this one. I have started to appreciate Marino more than Fiorentino now. I think his voice is much more expressive and the lyrics he chose are, in my opinion, some of the most profound and melancholic I have ever heard. The tango I am presenting to you today has also been done by Biagi, Demare and a few soloists, but I think those versions are rather weak in comparison.

I just stood there, staring at her

After an awful year of solitude
we ran into each other again, by accident.
And suddenly… memories of those days,
when we would sing and laugh,
came to me en masse.
My lips stuttered of fear,
my eyes told her about my pain,
and running into her caused me so much anguish
that, with my throat overwhelmed,
I just stood there, staring at her.

Those were all pointless paths,
beaten tracks, without life,
paths lined by doubts and sorrow
and heartaches that only increase my suffering.
I do not expect anything of my life anymore
and now that I see her again it could be that,
like her distracted eyes are telling me,
I have killed her love forever…

(That broken dream of the past
cannot flourish anymore.
I have got her in front of my eyes this afternoon
and now I understand that there is no-one
in my sad nightfall.)
She, the person I waited for,
has returned but not arrived.
I meet her again and she already leaves,
and knowing that her farewell is my downfall
she walked off, and on the corner
I just stood, staring at her.

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