Futile (Inútil) [Maderna]

Osmar Maderna just might be the best musician you have never heard of. Well, I am actually sure you have heard his stunning piano playing a lot, because this man is one of the key reasons why the unforgettable recordings of Miguel Caló in the early fourties are really that unforgettable. Caló’s songs from that period always simply force me to dance, to move along the music, while I am constantly adoring omnipresent musical details.

However, nowadays, nobody seems to care about Maderna’s own orchestra… which is a shame, because his music is not only full of great ideas, but it is also true to the smooth, warm style of Miguel Caló’s best recordings. In fact, in my view, all the musicians who made the Orchestra of the Stars so good and then, quit, kept producing relatively good music. Yes, that means that Domingo Federico, Enrique Francini and Armando Pontier will also get some fully deserved attention soon.

Immerse yourself in this rather complex poem about fate, tragic love, powerlessness and desperation.


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  1. jantango

     /  July 22, 2013

    I had the pleasure of hearing Hector De Rosa with Orquesta Tipica Sans Souci on Saturday night. De Rosa sang Pequena for us. He recorded it in 1949 with Maderna.

  2. jantango

     /  July 22, 2013

    That’s Hector De Rosas.


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