I love you


I just love dancing to Edgardo Donato as some of his songs offer so much potential for playful musicality. Just like Enrique Rodriguez, Donato has blessed us with a simple, yet very attractive style. So, put your cool festival figures away for a second and just walk along the delicious structure of the following three minutes of pleasure.

As far as the singing is concerned….. for a change, it’s nice to hear a lady complain to us in a tango about her broken heart, instead of the usual machos who like emphasizing the evil nature of the woman.  Like in a few other songs, the sweet voice of Lita Morales gets back-up by an assenting male singer, Romeo Gavio.


I love you

I love you, sweetheart,
I adore you, my passion.
In those beautiful days we
experienced the illusion of a great love.

I love you, sweetheart,
Little path of forgiveness.
I don’t know why you left me.
You just won’t come back, darling.

It doesn’t matter that you won’t return,
as long as you live inside my chest.
And the light of your memory
will shape my loneliness.

The kisses you gave me,
are kisses of my soul.
Dear love of my life
I can never love you again, never!

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