The violin is usually the instrument that gives many tango songs a very sensible, subtle quality. I feel that it often succeeds in equalling many singers in their way of telling a story. Of course, all instruments are telling us stories in their musical phrases, but whenever the violin breaks through the front, my attention becomes even more intense. Therefore, I am glad to be able to present you a song that is dedicated to the violin and has not only absolutely fan-tastic lyrics and singing, but unsurprisingly, also some hauntingly beautiful violin playing. It’s time that (relatively) forgotten but solid and danceable orchestras like those of José Garcia, Domingo Federico, Francini-Pontier and in this case Ricardo Malerba get more attention. Let me remind you that I named this blog after one of his songs, and I love each and every of his recordings. And for me this particular tango is simply one of these rare ones that are just perfect in all aspects.


Today my violin is dreaming of
love on its music stand.
Its strings are vibrating tremblingly,
because it busies itself remembering
that today, she is far away from me.

My violin is my own soul
and its song is my feeling.
My heart that loved her,
still loves her and won’t forget her,
is crying in my violin.

Violin, violin…
I love her much more now,
I love her much more than back then,
my love has no end.
Violin, violin…
I want my voice,
in the wings of your voice,
to reach my love.
Violin, violin….
She loved me as much as I loved her,
and she needs to return to me.
I shall wait for her,
and so will you,

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