Sad comedy (Triste comedia) [Biagi]

hugo duvalOne of tango’s most widely shared (but also controversial) rules of thumb is…. after the Golden Age came to an end, the later the recording, the worse the quality. There is a lot of music from the late fifties onwards that is often referred to by many DJs as ‘tango-for-exporty’ (adjective). As far as my opinion is concerned, most of that material is indeed not so suitable for dancing and there is certainly a great deal of newer music that feels a bit corny, a bit trite. I do listen to a lot of post-Golden-Age music because I study the lyrics, and I love to find alternative versions by soloists. What’s more, there are also quite a few interesting songs that are not suitable for dancing but still very interesting from a cultural point of view.

However, one of the exceptions that prove the rule is late Biagi with Duval. This combination seems to be popular with a lot of tango fans. I don’t think Biagi lost his touch, during a time when tango was starting to fade into obscurity. I like every single track that I have been able to find, especially Bailarina de tango, so it was just a matter of time until I would start translating one of them. This particular song boasts a nice variety of versions by excellent singers, feel free to stick with your own preference.



triste comedia

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