Por las calles de la vida [Troilo-Fiorentino]


I have been working on quite a lot of Troilo translations during the last few months and I realize my selection has been a bit biased towards Alberto Marino. However, my interest in Francisco Fiorentino is in no way less serious. I generally prefer to dance to his early songs with Troilo but there is also a lot of great later material that are supposedly being overlooked dramatically. I have decided to translate one of the most curious titles in his repertoire and I hope you’ll enjoy some of the, in my opinion, very poetic elements in this lyric. I advise you to use my translation to take a look at the structure of the Spanish words in this tango, worth mentioning are excerpts like ”en mi vida oscura – como una pura – copa de alcohol” and ”mis sueños se derrumban – sobre la tumba – de esta pasión”.

por las calles de la vida

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  1. I love this Por las calles de la vida [Troilo-Fiorentino] – I just played it last Saturday at NYC’s All Night Milonga. Beautiful translation….great site! Would love to see your translation of Indiferencia [D’Arienzo-Echague], if you’ve done that one!


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