Llorarás, llorarás

Photo: Floreal Ruiz


I have slowly become more and more interested in Troilo’s recordings with Ruiz. It’s still not my favourite voice, but perhaps I am learning to appreciate his style and skill better. I will translate several of his songs, and today we will start with this lovely-sounding but rather resentful vals.

Llorarás, llorarás
(You shall cry, you shall cry)
Lyrics by Homero Manzi

Al escuchar este vals,
bien lo sé que en mi amor pensarás
y en el vaivén del compás,
sin querer llorarás.

The day you will hear this vals,
I am sure that you will think of my love,
and on the swaying of its rhythm,
you shall cry, against your will.

Me verás otra vez junto a ti
y recién te dirás
que hice bien al partir.
Y al renovar tu emoción,
sentirás el dolor de mi adiós.

You will, once more, see us together
and only now you will admit
that I was right to leave you.
And with your renewed emotion,
you will feel the grief of my farewell.

Lo escucharás en los pianos
y violines más lejanos.
Te lo dirán con sus sones
los nocturnos bandoneones.
Se trepará por tu reja
con sus penas, con sus quejas.

You will hear my sorrow in the most distant pianos and violins.
The nighttime bandoneons
will tell you about it with their tones.
It will climb up to your window
with its sadness, with its grudge.

Y no podrás ignorar
que compuse este vals
recordando tu amor
y aunque trates de olvidar,
al oír su emoción,
¡llorarás, llorarás!…

And you will not be able to deny
that I wrote this vals
to remember your love
and however hard you try to forget,
whenever you hear its emotion,
you shall cry, you shall cry!

YouTube link (Troilo-Ruiz)

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