Soñé con un amor

Photo: Jorge Omar


Tango music is often melancholic, sad, desperate, full of loneliness, bitter. Even if the music sounds really cheerful, like Donato’s Sinsabor, the words aren’t. There are also other subjects than heartbreak, like life on the Pampas, tough guys in the old neighbourhood, nostalgia for Buenos Aires, crime and the “old country” (the immigrant’s longing) etc. Such lyrics are not always sad, but not especially cheerful either. There is a tiny minority of very positive tangos. I am glad to present you one today.

Soñé con un amor (I dreamt about a love), lyrics by Jesús Fernández Blanco.

En la mañana fragante
cuando la vida se llena de esplendor,
surgió anhelante la flor de mis pasiones
y tejiendo ilusiones, soñé con un amor.

On that fragrant morning
when life was filled with splendour,
the eager flower of my passions
sprang up, and I dreamt about a love,
weaving together my hopes and desire.

Todas las aves canoras
y las estrellas del cielo al asomar,
y las auroras, mis ansias comprendían
y con fe me decían, tus sueños ve a alcanzar.

All the melodious songbirds,
and the shining stars of the sky
and the beautiful daybreak
understood my yearning
and assured me that I would
fullfil my dreams.

Soñé con un amor, en el vergel,
soñe con un amor, eterno y fiel,
y ese sueño amado, que al cielo le pedí
hoy lo veo logrado, y mi vida es feliz.
Soñé con un amor de juventud,
soñé con un amor de plenitud,
con un amor sincero, que nunca morirá
fulgurante lucero que sin fin brillará.

I dreamt about a love, in the orchard,
I dreamt about an eternal, faithful love,
and this beloved dream I asked God for
is now realised, and my life is happy.
I dreamt about a love of youth,
I dreamt about a love of abundance,
about a true love, that will never die,
a shining star that will sparkle forever.

YouTube link (Lomuto-Omar)

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