You have to live it, pal


Exactly 113 years ago, Angel D’Agostino was born and on his birthday I have decided to translate one of my favourite songs by his orchestra. I am dedicating this post to a certain lady in Buenos Aires who may just be Angel’s most loyal admirer in the world.

Update: Some people from certain countries cannot access this video. You can also go to Grooveshark.

You have to live it, pal (singer: Angel Vargas, lyrics: Héctor Marcó)

You, disappointed in love, sentence
yourself to a prison cell of revulsion.
Because you got a sunstroke yesterday,
you are today shivering with cold.
You, who frightens me into laughter, almost cry
hard-heartedly and with resentment.
Raise a golden glass of champagne
and you will forget about it, like I did.

Make the most of this life, you first have to
live it, in order to find the right key to open it.
Today you have a beating heart,
but tomorrow, who knows?

You have to live it, pal! You gotta live it!
To taste its flavor you need to
close your heart and put your soul to sleep,
and you’ll see that the world is already better.

(Don’t collapse under your grief, don’t let yourself be
intimidated because a mouth lies to you,
as with that kiss of lies you can gain
another one, a burning kiss.
Move yourself deeply by listening to a bandoneón,
overturn your longing with a tango,
and you shall see that between laughter and pain
one drinks the same champagne.)

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