De igual a igual

d agostino vargas

After a few months of sharing translations on Facebook again, I have also decided to revive my blog and intensify my translation work. The following tango is one of my favourite dance tracks ever.

De igual a igual (Rodolfo Sciammarella)

De tanto y tanto quererla
me ha entrado miedo,
miedo de perderla.
No puedo darme reposo,
estoy enamorado
y estoy celoso.
Mezcla de dulzura y de tormento
es este amor que en mi alma siento.
De tanto y tanto quererla
me ha entrado miedo
de no verla más.

Loving her so much
has made me afraid,
so afraid of losing her.
I cannot give myself a rest,
I am in love,
and I am jealous.
A mixture of sweetness and torment
is this love that I feel inside my soul.
Loving her so much
has made me afraid
of not seeing her.

A Dios le pido
que perdone mi egoísmo
pero quisiera
que sienta ella lo mismo,
que cuando esté lejos de mí
sienta un vacío
y necesite estar cerquita mío.

I ask God
to forgive my egoism
but I would like her
to feel the same,
that whenever she is far away,
she will feel empty
and long to be close to me.

Que también sienta
en sus ansias de quererme
el mismo miedo,
el miedo de perderme;
que tenga celos
de mi amor…
Que no será para su mal,
así estaremos
de igual a igual.

Let her, too, feel,
in her yearning for my affection
the same fear,
the fear of losing me.
Let her be jealous
of my love.
Let it not affect her negatively,
but this way, we will be
on an equal footing.

YouTube Link (D’Agostino-Vargas)





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  1. Thank you! Sharing your post;-)

  2. One of my favourite tangazos. Vargas expresses it so sensitively. Thank you.

  3. jantango

     /  January 18, 2016

    You get a big applause from me for returning to revive the blog; I don’t use Facebook. I’ve missed your translations. This one is superb. I listened to the recording while reading the lyrics which I don’t understand while listening in a milonga. Estoy enamorada, estoy celoso are the only words I understood. What beautiful lyrics delivered by a great singer. Thanks for giving us your interpretation so we can enjoy the tango even more.

  4. Beautiful work. One of my favorites. May I ask who you are? Gracias!🎶

    Ilene 845 399-9034

    Sent from my iPhone



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